• Scary • Sexy

    Life drawing meets the Afterlife

    Sexy • Art

    Expect more than sketches to Materialize

    Art • Magic

    Come in good spirits and meet Restless Spirits


    Visit for a few hours—or join us for all eternity!

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    Live Broadcast via Zoom

    Tuesday at 10:00 PM

    (no access after event)


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    Live Broadcasts via Zoom

    Every Tuesday at 10:00 PM

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  • The drawing event of your dreams... odd and otherworldly.


    Spirit Drawing is a first-of-its-kind occult figure drawing event where artists interested in exploring the more mysterious things in life can find inspiration.


    Broadcast from Baby Tattoo’s traveling Phantom Theatre every Tuesday at 10:00 PM Pacific Time via Zoom—with past performances archived in the SpiritDrawing.org Library for paid subscribers.


    $5 Single Ticket for the next live event (no access to recording)

    $20 Season Ticket for all events in a one month period (access to all archived recordings)


    Presented by Bob Self, Ringmaster, Baby Tattoo Carnival of Astounding Art

    Starring Danni Doll

    Directed by George Wyhinny